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It has always been our ultimate goal to help our providers with their interpretation and translation needs and we continue to receive the following feedback.  You'll find a few of them just below in their own respected handwriting. If you are a current client and would like to send us your comments please contact us.

                                                               Thank you all !!


Thanks again!   You are the best in interpreting services


Amy Hunter
Administrative Assistant
(360) 754-xxxx

  xxxxx  County Superior Court


Thank you very much KIS, we appreciate your business with us!  We rely heavily on interpreters just like your agency to provide quality service to our clients.  You are a much needed part of our Patient Care Team.

Adrienne Oliver

Supervisor at King County XXXXXX Clinic 


This sure make my job easier –

Again – thank you for outstanding service!


Thank you. Thank you for all your assistance with this.


Carole Chomik
 Counseling Secretary
 (425) 456-xxxx


Helen was wonderful! Thank you for providing outstanding last minute service. Especially returning my late night call to let me know the plan for the following morning!! 

Dr. Brenda


Your service to our school is very much appreciated.  Thanks!
Angela Adams
ESL Facilitator



Hi Aprol,


We had a great meeting this morning – thank you.  We would also like to schedule one more meeting for November 10th at 11:00am-12:00pm.  Please let me know if you have a Moldavian interpreter available to come to XXXX Elementary at that time.


Thanks, Meg



KIS has a very accommodating and professional staff.  They have been able to fill many last minute interpretation requests.  Their pool of languages is also quite extensive.



Ian Jorgensen

King County Interpreter Scheduler


You are the best!  Do you want me to change the time or wait until you talk to the interpreter?

Dax Osborne
Customer Service Representative xxxx
Vancouver , WA 98660


Thanks again for providing excellent service.  Especially at the last minute.


Kam Butler, CI/CT

Interpreter Coordinator

Hearing, Speech & xxxx

Thank you so much.  You folks are amazing.

Janet Randall
Apollo Elementary


You guys/gals are quick over there! Thanks so much. Take care. Serra


Serra Silva

Program Assistant- Early Childhood Education (ECE)
Hearing, Speech & xxxxx

70 Years of Building Community: 1937-2007


Thank you for the heads up.  I appreciate all your efforts. 


Lisa Holden

xxxxx County District Court



Once again, thank you for all your service and help in interpreting  J!.


Ermelanda Blasquez

Project Manager


Wow…, you are great! 


Also, $xx.00 per hour – plus mileage? 

Bonnie Gilderoy | Court Supervisor


Wonderful!  You do provide great service in interpreting , thanks ever so much.

Judy Cawley

xxxx Municipal court


  Thanks so much for all your help we needed in languages,

 just Wonderful!



 (xxxxx Municipal court)


I have truly loved working with all of you! You have each made the craziness of interpreter scheduling easier on me and I hope that you will continue to make things just as easy for Bonnie.

Take care,

Amy Hunter
(360) 754-xxxx

... "K.I.S ( Khaleghi's interpreting services ) has enabled our firm to effectively serve a diverse client base. We rely on their accuracy, quality and professionalism."


Hi Arash:


Thanks for coming through for us with the interpreters we needed

Have a great weekend!



Thank you Arash, 

Here is the information needed for tomorrow’s Vietnamese assignment. Thank you again for your assistance at such a late notice. 

Have a good evening,


 Nicole Paolone <npaolone@xxxx.org

The K.I.S. team is amazing!!!


Thank you,



Thank you, KIS team for your hard work, really appreciated.


  Thank you so much for all your hard work.   Sorry it was such last minute.

Julie O'Neil

ELL/Title 1/LAP





I just wanted to let you know that we really enjoyed working with the Bosnian interpreter you sent us.  He did an excellent job, was timely, and very easy to work with.  Can you please send me his name so that when we need a Bosnian interpreter, I can request him through you again?


Thank you!


Nicole Shimizu

ELL Facilitator

National Board Certified Teacher



Thank you, Aki.

That’s amazing.  Do you always work so late?

Janet Issaquah School District


Sara Rosado ordered a Tagolic (I know I didn’t spell it correctly) interpreter on 07/29/11 for a NP that was seen today (08/09) with Chris Hoyle. I don’t’ have his name but Chris wanted me to let you know that he was WONDERFUL. He was from KIS so I don’t know who or where to give the feedback. Is there a way for you to figure out his name and pass along the compliment? Well done.
Melissa Hetherington
Patient Accounts Specialist
Local 17 Shop Steward
King County Public Health North


THANK YOU   K.I.S Team !!!!

I received the PDF and printed and it came out much clearer and in a more appropriate size in relationship to the original declaration.  Again, you have succeeded in impressing me with your efforts to accommodate my needs with your professional, talented and considerate work.   I hope your business success reflects the fine work you and your team provide their clients.

I hope the sun shines on your enjoyment of your weekend.

Roger Cote

Court Admin. XXXXXXXX

Thank you so much!!  Your services are much appreciated!

-          Leilani

Bellevue School District


I received the check on time. Thank you. It's very nice to work with you.

monica cheung 

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And a lot more feedback either written or telephonic from hospitals, school districts, law firms and also from our own certified interpreters regarding the service that they are receiving from this agency such as: on time payments, respect, keeping them updated and educated with providing legal, social and medical glossaries of words ...


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Thank you for your attention on reading our feedback and  welcome to KIS